Monday, November 01, 2004

I can't blog from work anymore!

So I changed jobs. I like my sort-of-new job a lot! It's fun! It's nice! It's to some extent cool! I get to work almost exclusively with the young adults I like so much.
I also work part-time now. Only 30 hour weeks. And the pay check is way larger than at my last job, despite those 40 hrs less per month! That's my kind of job.
This way I have an 8-5 job again, 'cause I have long commutes, but now I can leave home at 8 and still be at my desk/phone/pc at 9am.

Some people think it's pityful that I only work part-time. Me, a young (hmm...) healthy (hmm...) woman with no children and no responsibilities with the exception from the Significant Other and the Choir. And in some ways they're right. But why should only parents be the ones that are justified to work part-time? Why can't I feel that I need more sleep and more free-time to stay young and healthy?

And you know what? It's true what they say about working part-time - you get just as much done with 6 hr days as you did during 8 hr days.

That's why I don't blog anymore.