Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Nervous about future.

My poor neglected blog. I think it was the Olympics that killed my writing. I'm no writer to begin with but when every night is occupied by prolific tv-watching then no writing gets done at all. So, sorry about that.

Other news: I finished my old job last week and starts the new one on Monday. So I'm having a week off which is great. I'm resting, surfing and cleaning house. I'm being a good housewife and serve my poor SO dinner when he comes home from work. 'Poor' because usually he does all the cooking because I'm a very boring, and quite bad, cook.

Other news: the company that SO works for is going bust. They have been having problems paying people's salaries... So with 90% certainty he leaves old job tomorrow and starts new job on Thursday. Cross your fingers for that one.

Yet other news: SO will be 30 yrs old (young from my perspective) soon. I'm planning a surprise party. So far only 4 persons have said that they're coming to said surprise party. It will probably be the smallest surprise ever...