Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm changing jobs.

Sort of. I'm changing the focus of my job, which means essentially that I'll move to another office in another part of the town but I'll still work with some of my collegues and still have the same über-boss. Next-in-line boss will be new, though. Next-in-line boss as it turns out is a choirfriend of mine. We've known eachother for three years, and she's just started at that new office and I'll start in 2 weeks. It will be fun, I don't know her that well, but what I know I like. She and I together will lower the median age a LOT.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


Yesterday it was really really warm on the bus. The bus takes about 45 minutes. When the bus arrives at my busstop it's usually full and I'll have to stand up for at least 15-20 minutes. Yesterday I was really really lucky, there was one remaining seat when I got on the bus.
I was lucky enough to be sitting next to a young man that didn't smell, didn't spread his legs so mine don't have room, and that didn't sweat all over me. The AC in the bus worked really well. So what's the downside of all this? I happened to sit next to the man whose woman/girlfriend/fiancée/wife? called him on the cellphone constantly and when he answered yelled at him.
Unfortunately she yelled in such a shrill voice, and the reception was kind of bad, so I couldn't hear what she yelled about. The man in question was trying to calm her, trying to make her stop, trying to make her save some screaming for when he got home an hour later.
So when we were nearing our destination I just had to ask:
"What did you do?"
Man stares at me since I've broken Swedish Code no 1: never talk to a stranger unless you're severely intoxicated.
"What did you do? You must have done something to make her scream so loud everyone can hear that you'll have a really hard time when you get home. Did you deserve it?"
Interested bus passengers listen intently. Man blushes.
"Yes." he says.
"Ok, then I will not wish you a happy day."
And I took my bags and descended the bus. Because if he felt he really deserved being yelled at for 45 minutes while being in a position where he couldn't yell back, then he'd done something really bad.

My relationsship with DSM-IV

I hate it. Just so you know. In my, not many, years of practise I've met perhaps 5 clients that easily fit in the DSM-IV description and that also accept that description, accept the diagnosis and find it true. 5. Let me just say that I've probably met 50 new clients for every year of practise. So the percentage of people in psychatric care for which DSM-IV is a good thing is really really low.
And it doesn't get easier with experience. On the contrary. It gets harder because the more you know, and the more you meet people, the more obvious it is that people are people and diagnosises are NOT people. But for financial reasons every new client needs to be diagnosed in some way according to DSM-IV. Great.
So I read about crisis disorders, and panic disorders and stress reactions ad infinitum and desperately tries to find something that fits my idea of the client aswell as the clients idea of her/himself. And I wonder why it is that the psychiatrists manage to meet a client for 15 minutes and then assess that it's a personality disorder whereas I meet that same someone for 2 hours, it's obvious it's not a personality disorder but rather a non-adaptive crisis, but in the end treatment is decided according to the psychiatrist. Where is my bloody motivation I ask?

Friday, August 06, 2004

in the news

My little semi-suburbian town sort of close to the capital but yet not has been top of the news these last days since three prisoners decided to not be prisoners anymore but fugitives via the help of some friends and some Uzis. This means that streets are more or less filled with police and roadblocks and I've never felt this safe when I come home at night. There will be no going into the deep forests to find mushrooms this weekend though.
And you know what's best about it, it's that the media gets to focus on the crappy judicial and prison system. This is a good thing because this last year they've been focusing on the crappy psychiatric care, and now we that work in that apparently crappy psychiatric care get to work in peace and prison wardens can take the shit for a while.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Good day sunshine

Finally the summer has arrived. I've forgotten how warm it is when it's warm and sunny. Two weeks of this and we will all be complaining about it but until then I'll pack up my bathing suit, some good books and spend the whole weekend on the beach. In the shadow. With lots of sunscreen. I'm as white-pale-blue as they come and get burned very fast.

Monday, August 02, 2004

When life grows on you...

...or you grow from life.

I had this long conversation with myself in the mirror this weekend. The gist of the conversation was that I know I've been really really busy this summer and I know that the weather's been really really bad that this is simply not a good-enough excuse for the fact that I've gained half of all the weight I fought hard to loose 2 yrs ago. Last summer I kept it up with a lot of jogging but this summer has been to cold to even take walks.
And well, I and me agreed that I really should try to get things going, do something about food and something about excersise to get my shit together. Because since the High Blood Pressure Scare two years ago I've been really healthy and also, most important, felt good about myself. And now I do not feel so good about myself.

So, with all the experience from Weightwatchers I have (and boy do I have a lot of experience from WW), and all knowledge about healthy food and healthy excersise, I've now written my own Program to get back to the weight I had last summer. (BMI 25, for those of you who are interested.) It's a very detailed program since I need to plan in advance and I need to obsess a bit, otherwise nothing gets done.

And, so far so good.

Now I just need Program for keeping my home clean and my office organised. However, I think that's for my next life.