Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Me and SO are invited to the wedding of my (our, actually) best friend. We were a bit late in accepting the invitation since I went away to Canada just after it dropped in the mail and he, well, worked and such. Anyways - when we finally remembered to accept the invitation she asked if I wanted to sing during the ceremony. Of course I wanted to do that. BUT she gave me absolutely free hands with choosing whatever I thought would be appropriate. So now I sit here, leafing through site after site with wedding music and have simply NO idea... NO idea.
I'm thinking about calling back to her and say that if she doesn't suggest something I'll sing what I sung at her last wedding!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Vacation all over.

...and I'm back at my usually very good job and hating every second of it. Mostly it's the getting up at 5.30 (if I sleep in...) that bugs me the most because the rest of it is just a luxury problem. I do have a job. A job that pays me decent money. All the benefits I need. Good collegues. I like the young adults I work with. I love being a psychologist because I'm so darned curious about people. But I also hate the constant agony about it: am I doing enough? What else could I do? Why can't society be like this or that?

And most of all: why do we allow young women and men to be in such a sorry psychological state. Why don't the adults in their early lives DO something. Most of my young clients have felt this way for as long as they can remember. Surely I can't have been the first to ask them why and what can be done?

And really, we're losing an entire generation of kids/young adults born during the 1980s. And no-one seems to do a shit about it.