Tuesday, June 22, 2004

13 hours left 'til Vacation!

Not that I have any readership but anyways, I'm soon off on vacation and will probably not blog as much. I'll be back in late July. Thankfully I live in a country where 4 weeks of vacation is your minimum!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Real Football.

Sweden vs Bulgaria 5-0.
Nuff said.

Friday, June 11, 2004

I miss finishing school.

In olden years these days the dress would have been sewn and ironed, hair braided, shoes new and shiny and me and mom would walk away to school for that last day of the schoolyear. This time of year is just lovely. The first weeks of June usually includes Pentecost holiday, my birthday, National Day and Last Day In School. The lilacs are blooming. The lilies of the valley plentiful. Everything is green and it's just starting to get warm.

I miss that. There are many good things about working, the paycheck is high up there together with future pension and paid vacation. But with just 5 weeks off every year there is no such thing as the suspension of summer holidays. An endless (10 weeks) stretch of glorious days spent in the lake, at the summer cottage or at an exotic resort somewhere around the Mediterranean.

And a day like this with clients in crisis, psychotic and suicidal people around me I really long for those days when the summer really was the best time.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The dilemma of pro-bono work.

And I'm not talking about it in my professional capacity. No I'm talking about all the extra work I do for my choir in addition to practising at home, attending every rehearsal, concerts etc. All that free work consists of phonecalls, printing posters, sending e-mails, attending meetings etc etc. And I'm so tired of it. And no-one will ever do it but me. And I hate to delegate. Really, I think someone that doesn't have 2-hour commutes everyday should do some of this. Why is it that some of us gladly do a lot of this non-paid work while others gladly sit back and enjoy? Hm. I guess I answered my own question.

Monday, June 07, 2004

The bloody economy

Bloody because I really want to kill whoever is responsible for the dot com bubble and subsequent bursting. SO is in that business. Well, really he isn't. He is trying very hard to be. During the last three years he's been employed in his field a whopping 12 months. So I'm the family provider. Which doesn't disturb me in any way it's just that I was hoping for our DINKY* family to really be DINKY. And not OINKY*.

So even though I've had a really good job for the last year I sent out resum├ęs to find a even better job, because the really good job has a commute that is too long. (Over one hour is TOO long. If I can wish I'd like about 30 minutes.) So I've been to an interview for a job I really really want and then I'm going for an interview to a job I like not so much. And I can't get hold of the boss of the Job I'd Really Like so I guess I didn't get it...

But this interviewing thing is quite interesting. Me, being a healthcare professional can't keep from comparing with SO the IT-programmer and his dozens and hundreds of interviews he's been to. My conclusions:

* in the healthcare business we like people and actually want them to come working for us as compared to the IT-business where people are a nuisance and really should not come to work at all but work from home
* in the healthcare business we actually treat employees well because we want them to recommend us to other people that may come to us as compared to the IT-business where people are treated as shit because the more the word spreads the less will people annoy the company and ask for work
* in the healthcare business having children and being on parental leave, regardless if you're dad or mom, is an asset, an merit as compared to the IT-business where you never get hired if you plan to have children

*DINKY= Double Income No Kids Yet
*OINKY= One Income No Kids Yet

Friday, June 04, 2004

The Knutby murder

Here is all about it that you ever wanted to know.

How I wish I'd written that movie. How I wish that I was an Pentecostal excec so I could ex-communicate them all. (Do lutherans ex-communicate. Hardly. Maybe they should.)

Well I believe the Nanny. From a psychological point of view her story is fully plausible. A person with a weak self, an as-if personality perhaps, meet the carismatic man with narcissistic personality disorder that gets his highs from manipulating women. It can only lead to disaster. But I'm always fascinated by the kind of Christian that is this gullible, that do not possess one critical thought. I can only imagine how a child grew up to become that woman. Woe.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

More on 33 today.

The clinic's e-mail server is down today. Therefore I do not know how many of my friends have sent me heaps of e-mail best wishes. I suspect I'll be mightily disappointed tomorrow when the e-mail server will be back in business.

33 today.

It's my birthday. I should have had the day off today. But the day is sunny and warm and co-workers have sung to me (after I bribed them with cake) and after work I'm going to sing with my choir for a short while at a gala and then I'm going home to SO that waits with dinner and lots of gifts.

15 workdays left before vacation. I'm only 33 and I'm counting down to vacation. Well, see it this way: it's 32 years left to work.... Aaaaah.

It's a slippery slope...

First you get hooked on chat. Then you do some internet dating. Then you find an SO IRL who works with computers. Then you have access to more computer power you'd ever need. And NASA could have theirs aswell. Then you get hooked on message boards. Then message boards that are hosted by Ez. Then you meet a lot of super people on the net. People that are smart, feminists, beautiful (in a soulful way), funny and everything you ever wanted to be. These people have blogs. Blogs where you'd like to comment. Then commenters need to have a blogger account.

Ergo: since your SO is a webprogrammer and with super duper computer powers you choose a pre-template ordinary place to host your blog just so you can comment on blogs written by the wonderful frog or the intelligent Krupskaya. So here goes: welcome to my part of the cyberworld.