Friday, March 18, 2005

The End of Times

A client of mine is very very very religious. And when you pair off obsessed religiousness with one or two psychiatric disorders you may at times get some disturbing mix. This client is seriously disturbed. He is convinced that we've now reached the end of times and that we're now looking forward to eternal winter.
You know what? All evidence points in the same direction. March 18. Heaps of snow. No spring in sight. I'm inclined to agree with him.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Snow, snow everywhere.

It's snowing. Again. We have half a meter of snow and it's freezing. I'm so fed up with this. It's MARCH, fer crying out loud. It's supposed to be birds singing, spring flowers budding, sun warming. When it's possible to ski in the city this far South in March you know that Armageddon is coming. Will it be warmer then?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Laundry issues

The no 1 reason that me and SO really really want to find a house we can afford, and win the bid on, NOW is that we need our own dishwasher and washing machine. Isn't that tragic. In my country every apartment building must have laundry facilities (usually in the basement) so that tenants can do laundry. There are no laundromats in my country at all. So you book the laundry room for a few hours every week/month and do your laundry.
Anyways - since I moved out of my parents' house some 18 yrs ago I've lived in 10 different apartments. All of them had super laundry rooms. Several machines, big dryers, drying cabinets (a kind of cabinet with heating fans in them, a must in the Frozen North) and that machine that press your linen napkins and stuff into flat, shiny things.
In this house; no such thing. We have one machine and one dryer and one drying cabinet. All of them very small. So, that kind of laundry that in any other laundry room would take you a maximum of 4 hours takes approx. 24 hours here. And since you can't do laundry at all between 10pm and 8am you spend an awful lot of time doing laundry during the weekend.
Last time we did laundry (we book every other weekend) the dryer was broken. The time before? The drying cabinet was broken. This time everything worked, but since we had even more laundry to do due to the brokenness of the machines the weeks before we will not be able to do all the laundry. Now that's annoying.

So, much of our weekend planning on laundry weekends revolve around the laundry.
"So, this machine will be done in 1 hour 15. We must be home by then to change the machine to be able to do all the laundry today. Will we be able to do our grocery shopping in 1hour?"


"We'd love to come for dinner. But we can't come before 9pm because we have the laundry room and the last machine will be finished at 8.30 and we must hang it so it can dry overnight."


"Ok, it was great talking to you but now I must hang up because I need to go to the laundry room and the phone won't work there."

You get the picture?

So we figure if we get a house with our own washing machine we could do our washing in the evenings, when we get home from work, when we NEED to wash. So, it'd cost us a lot of money, but hey, time IS money.

And the dishwasher is necessary because, ya, well, you know.

Wow I whine about insignificant things.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Once again neglecting the blog

Ok, I'm so not a writer. I can't even pretend to write. I'd really wish I was interesting, opinionated, funny or even hilariously stupid. But I'm not. Sorry. Since November I've been a bit busy with life. Life has contained expected and unexpected things since last you heard from me. (I guess I have three readers??)

Unexpected: pregnancy, miscarriage, and the tsunami which affects my whole country despite it being on the other side of the globe.

Expected: Christmas-season is the most busy season for a choir-singer, Christmas-season is a very busy season even if you're not a choir-singer.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I can't blog from work anymore!

So I changed jobs. I like my sort-of-new job a lot! It's fun! It's nice! It's to some extent cool! I get to work almost exclusively with the young adults I like so much.
I also work part-time now. Only 30 hour weeks. And the pay check is way larger than at my last job, despite those 40 hrs less per month! That's my kind of job.
This way I have an 8-5 job again, 'cause I have long commutes, but now I can leave home at 8 and still be at my desk/phone/pc at 9am.

Some people think it's pityful that I only work part-time. Me, a young (hmm...) healthy (hmm...) woman with no children and no responsibilities with the exception from the Significant Other and the Choir. And in some ways they're right. But why should only parents be the ones that are justified to work part-time? Why can't I feel that I need more sleep and more free-time to stay young and healthy?

And you know what? It's true what they say about working part-time - you get just as much done with 6 hr days as you did during 8 hr days.

That's why I don't blog anymore.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Nervous about future.

My poor neglected blog. I think it was the Olympics that killed my writing. I'm no writer to begin with but when every night is occupied by prolific tv-watching then no writing gets done at all. So, sorry about that.

Other news: I finished my old job last week and starts the new one on Monday. So I'm having a week off which is great. I'm resting, surfing and cleaning house. I'm being a good housewife and serve my poor SO dinner when he comes home from work. 'Poor' because usually he does all the cooking because I'm a very boring, and quite bad, cook.

Other news: the company that SO works for is going bust. They have been having problems paying people's salaries... So with 90% certainty he leaves old job tomorrow and starts new job on Thursday. Cross your fingers for that one.

Yet other news: SO will be 30 yrs old (young from my perspective) soon. I'm planning a surprise party. So far only 4 persons have said that they're coming to said surprise party. It will probably be the smallest surprise ever...

Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm changing jobs.

Sort of. I'm changing the focus of my job, which means essentially that I'll move to another office in another part of the town but I'll still work with some of my collegues and still have the same ├╝ber-boss. Next-in-line boss will be new, though. Next-in-line boss as it turns out is a choirfriend of mine. We've known eachother for three years, and she's just started at that new office and I'll start in 2 weeks. It will be fun, I don't know her that well, but what I know I like. She and I together will lower the median age a LOT.